What Buyers & Suppliers are Saying!


“Thank you so much for the most amazing Spatec we’ve had to date! It was truly a top-notch experience from beginning to end. We are so thrilled with the connections we’ve made.”

Deanna White - Sales Manager - Le Marché by NP



“Thank you again for such a great event. I was a first-time attendee, and events like this can make you nervous, but your professional organization and the open arms and friendliness will win everyone over. I had great talks with suppliers, and we are currently placing orders for our newly renovated spa. I hope I will be attending many more Spatec events.”

Benjamin Donat - The Ritz-Carlton SPA, New Orleans



“What a well thought out and organized event. The vendors were high quality and well prepared for the operational and business-focused conversations we had. I’ve been engaged in ongoing conversations with several since returning home. This was my first Spatec event, and the only regret I have is that I have not attended one before.”

Gary Adkins, Director of Spa - Four Seasons Resort Santa Fe (NM)



“Thank you for hosting me during this event! It was FANTASTIC! I was able to connect with so many brands on a much more personal level and really learn about them so I can bring on their lines. Everything was top-notch from checking in with Champagne to the final night’s Spa Face movie! I can’t imagine all of the details that go into pulling off an event of this magnitude. The hotel choice and the food options were phenomenal. Everything ran seamlessly to us, as buyers. Thank you, thank you, thank you again for all of your hard work!"

Pamella Kerley, Spa Director, The Spa at Camelback Village



“Both the buyers and suppliers [that attended the event] were very relevant in our industry. I like that the buyers were there to have meaningful conversations, along with being interested in adding to their business in the future. It made the meetings more productive."

Erin Lorow, National Director of Sales, Pevonia Natural Skincare



“Spatec events are incredibly valuable for both buyers and sellers alike. New products and solutions for the spa industry are constantly evolving and it’s tough to stay on top of the latest trends. Spatec gives spa buyers a fast path to experience and meet the latest top brands instead of wasting countless hours searching for the hottest new offerings. Suppliers get a unique opportunity to have targeted meetings with major spa buyers and avoid countless hours of wasted time trying to get in front of the right people to market their products. Spatec creates a fun and open atmosphere for buyers to connect. Brilliant concept, highly effective- worth every penny or moment of your time!”

Chris Diaz - CEO Lacuna Botanicals